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Opinion of Food Transition Coalition on the EU Framework for Sustainable Food Systems

A Common Food Systems Policy is essential to bring the food systems in line with the planetary boundaries

Opinion of the Dutch Food Transition Coalition.

Contribution to the consultation regarding the Framework for Sustainable Food Systems (FSF).

With this paper we want to support the Commission with our opinions regarding the Framework for Sustainable Food Systems. For a more effective food policy by Member States we need a comprehensive European approach.

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Thursday, the 18th of August 2022

Advice of think tank Regie op Ruimte:

Government, correct the market and support the farmer

If the government corrects the market and supplements the market with long-term payments for ecosystem services, a perspective arises for future-proof business operations for farmers. This way, the government stands alongside the farmer rather than oppose him in achieving ambitious goals in climate, nitrogen, biodiversity, water, air quality and human and animal health. This, in essence, is what the think tank Regie op Ruimte (Direction of space) a spinoff of the Food Transition Coalition, recommends to the Dutch government and all other organisations involved in the future of agriculture and rural areas in the Netherlands.

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